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Best in Biometrics Surveillance

Because we define Electronic Security & Safety

Easy Employee Management

Best of Office Automation & Communication

Because we create Attendance, HR, ERP

Redefine your Company

Analytics based Marketing & Branding

Because we know you the Best

Incept combines Aesthetic hardware and Innovative software systems.

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Brand Incept stands for automated biometric attendance management, access control, and surveillance systems. These are world class products with superb aesthetics and rugged hardware. And designed for all countries in the world- already one of the top brands in MENA and India with 100% global presence.
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Introducing International Premier Certificate Course in Biometrics & Surveillance. Ideal for IT, Hardware and Networking professionals and students, and entrepreneurs and businessmen. 7-days of power-packed learning from industry practitioners. Inclusive of food and accommodation in India & Dubai.
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With undisputed 100% Customer Satisfaction, Incept is the no 1 brand for Biometrics in India and Middle East, with global presence, and has seen support from customers and industry leaders alike.
"They are one of the best biometric and services company in India. They are true Geeks who love servicing."
- Dr Rane, Professor IIT Bombay


Incept takes pride in providing Services across the Globe, and solutions through its Resellers and Dealers. All global dealers can connect to us and associate with the well known Biometric brand

We call our Dealers: Trained Geeks, as we provide unparalleled training, and support, and a number of complimentary advantages, at regular intervals. We help them create Solution Architecture, we help them provide Consultancy, and we help them customize.


Incept is unique in all its endeavours, and I have my personal best wishes for this brand

- -Vijay Mallya, Chairman, UB Group


We don’t just provide Products. We provide Solutions; Solutions which are optimized and designed especially for your needs. So, if you are a small shop in Nigeria, we have a solution for you and so do we have the solution for a multinational firm headquartered at Dubai.


Every single customer of Incept is 100% satisfied. Yes, we do regular surveys and everyone loves us. If someone does not, we are very headstrong and do not rest before we make them satisfied. We believe in 3 Power Pillars: Power of Knowledge, Power of Service & Power of Quality.


Incept Training Academy gives us Trained & Certified Professionals in Security. Digital Marketing is done only by Google Adwords Professionals. Certified Experts are used for any Coding work. And you won’t find a pure Sales person in our company, as even our office boys are trained towards technical expertise.


You need an Automation System, and we provide you that. You need an ERP or CRM, we give you that. You need HRMS or Payroll, again we are here. You need Analytical Marketing, we are there for you. And Security Systems remain our core expertise.


Not many companies can claim to have a high end Software Lab, as well as patented Hardware Products. We do. That’s special about us. We believe in creating only the best for our end users and partners.


Our Development Centre is headquartered in Hyderabad India. Our Training Centres are in Dehradun & Mumbai, India. Our Warehouse and Headquarters is in Dubai, UAE. Our partner branches are in Sydney, Australia as well as Lagos, Nigeria. Our resellers and customers are across the globe.


We love to help you. Whatever you need, let us know. At times, we will even provide you help beyond our commitment. That’s because we are driven by desire and not money. Just, make a wish to us, and see for yourself



We provide products across the globe. And the products supplied include all automation systems, which consist of Incept Brand which is one of the most known brands in Biometrics and also deals with CCTV and Data Communication Systems, as well as distribution of some other known brands. Contact us to know more

We believe in providing solutions. And the first step towards solution making is to understand the needs of the customer. Even if you need a simple attendance management system, we can give you exactly what you need. It does not really matter, whether you’re a large corporate house or a small organization: everyone wants to grow and we do that for you

Biometrics and CCTV Systems are our expertise and offered under our Core brand. But there’s more to our Service Offerings. We have Security & Safety Consultants, and System Design Architects who can work on any Automation project as required by you. Surveys, Site Analysis, Installations, etc. are all included in the End to End Solution.

All our customers always thank us for reasons more than impeccable service capacity. And one of the reasons is our habit of helping them in various capacities. We have an expert team of Business Consultants as well. This team works directly under the top management and has been designed for consultancy purposes alone.

We form a unique methodology of supporting our dealers. 24*7 Tech Support available through an in-house developed mechanism of handling needs. ‘Support’ forms an important segment of the Services offered by us.

K Kamachi
McKinsey & Co
Good. We are satisfied with Incept product and would like to refer them further..
Jaikant SinghHead Monitoring & MIS, NSDC
“l have complete faith in Incept Training Academy, which is a very interesting & innovative idea for increasing skilled professionals in India, and we are sure it will do great. Full support is there from my end”

Our working process in 3 steps

To ensure the optimal result, we research the company's environment as well as our client's and his objectives. We collect the information so that we can define values and differentiaton between elements that must be communicated.


Planning & Strategy

Strategic Planning is a comprehensive process for determining what a final project should become and how it can best achieve that goal.

Design & Develop

The purpose is to provide research-based knowledge about the development and design of new, innovative socio-technical systems

Test & Deliver

Our Technical team test the finalized product before delivery with the certain set of rules before the dispatch of any final product from our side.

We build the pillars of “Power of Knowledge” and “Power of Service ” stronger than ever!
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